Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO) was founded in September 1997 by a handful of Latino converts to Islam. LADO is a grassroots, volunteer organization geared toward promoting Islam among Latinos and provides support to Latino Muslims. LADO distributes and makes available information about Islam in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. "¡Puro Latino! ¡Puro Islam! ¡A su LADO!"

About LADO's motto

"¡Puro Latino!" means "Pure Latino!"

Although membership is open to all Muslims regardless of race, LADO believes it is necessary for Latino Muslims to organize to enhance Dawah opportunities to Latinos. LADO members must seek to meet the needs of the Latino community.

"¡Puro Islam!" means "Pure Islam!"

LADO knows the responsibility that comes with giving Dawah. LADO seeks to preserve the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah. LADO members must seek to become better Muslims by continuously learning and practicing Islam.

"¡A su LADO!" means "At Your Side!"

LADO seeks to aid all Muslims and non-Muslims by sharing the beauty of Islam as expressed in LADO's mission statement. LADO members must seek opportunities for Allah and only for Allah. LADO is at your side!

Learn More About LADO

Bowen, Patrick D. "The Latino American Da'wah Organization and the “Latina/o Muslim” Identity in the United States." Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion. 2010. 

Statement on Extremism

Because Islam is the religion of moderation, we stand firm against all causes of extremism, including arrogance, ignorance, and impatience, as well as its consequences, which includes all forms of injustice, oppression, and terrorism, whether committed by an individual, group, organization, or country, regardless of religious, racial, or ethnic affiliation.